Gold Classifieds

The most complete classified ads web system available today.

  • Unlimited number of categories in unlimited number of levels,
  • Unlimited number of areas (countries, cities) in unlimited number of levels,
  • Unlimited number of classified ads,
  • Users registration,
  • The possibility to upload images and any other kind of files (optional),
  • Basic ads listing is free,
  • Users pay for extra features (extra images, files, highlighting, home page placement etc., these options may bring you an interesting income),
  • Real time statistic for each classified ad,
  • The design of all pages is fully editable,
  • Included poll and message board.
A list of the most important features can be found below, you also can visit our online demo.

Gold Classifieds Features

Main Features and Benefits

  • A fully featured Classified Ads Website.
  • Unlimited number of categories in unlimited number of levels.
  • Unlimited number of areas (countries, cities) in unlimited number of levels.
  • Unlimited number of classified ads.
  • Ads can contain detailed text info (users can use custom formatting), picture galleries, Youtube or other similar video, a map from Google.
  • Automatic installation - you only upload files on your server and fill in 6 fields of a setup form.
  • Ability to install the script more than once on the same domain/server by using one or multiple databases.
  • Changing pages:
    - All pages are editable using a standard HTML or text editor,
    - All public pages are fully customizable,
    - You can translate all public pages to any language.
  • Before browsing ads categories a visitor can choose an area or city, then it shows only ads from that city or area. When an area or city is selected, all ads counters for categories/subcategories will be recalculated for the selected area or city.
  • Special categories:
    - Most popular ads,
    - New ads,
    - Most commented ads,
    - Featured ads (ad owners pay for the placement in this category),
    - Galleries (ad owners pay for the placement in this category).
  • Admin can select date format to use on all pages, there is also the option to select between 12/24 hours format.
  • If your server time and local time are different, the time may be automatically converted to the local time.
  • Support for unlimited number of styles, your visitors can select between them. 14 styles bundled with the software, you can freely edit them and/or create your own styles.
  • The possibility to create a multi-language site (more than one language at the same time).
  • Groups of categories on the home page. This function lets you display categories exactly as you want it, not depending what's the level of the categories you want to show on the home page.
  • Aliases for categories - multiple titles of a single category.
  • Advanced RSS output for new ads, popular ads, most commented ads, each individual category.
  • Several files which may be automatically inserted into each page (header, footer, left, right columns etc.), edit one file to modify all pages in the whole directory.
  • These items can be available on each page: search form, list of first level categories, poll, login form for users, newest ads, most commented ads, popular ads, top searches, RSS links.
  • Advanced blacklist feature - you can ban words, phrases, emails, IP addresses. Nobody can submit ads containing banned items, nobody can enter your site from a banned IP. The option to ban words can be also used to filter spam.
  • Visitors can send you a message without knowledge of your email address (anti-spam protection).
  • Visitors can send a message to their friends regarding your site or any ad directly from your pages.
  • Included message board.
  • Unlimited number of polls.
  • Protection against people who tries to enter admin or users area with incorrect login data.
  • All forms protected against spam and robots by using CAPTCHA image.
  • URL's of public pages are search engine friendly by using Apache Rewrite Module. Your URL's can contain titles of categories and ads to bring as much search engine traffic as possible.
  • 1-year or 3-year free updates, depending on your license.
  • The lowest prices on the market.
  • Class 1 support. We do our best to solve any problem you may have.
  • And many more ...

Administration Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited number of administrators, each having optional rights, security clearance and access.
  • Admin can create/edit/delete ads of all users.
  • Admin can edit the ranges of days when each ad is valid (From-To dates).
  • Database backup feature, an option to optimize your tables.
  • Add batches of categories/areas instead of one at a time.
  • Option to import categories from a text/csv file.
  • Option to import ads from a text/csv file.
  • Ability to email all users.
  • Admin password and username can be easily changed from the admin interface.
  • Multiple security options - you can ban IP addresses that tries to enter admin or user pages with wrong login data, automatic reminder for admin to delete files which can cause a security risk.
  • Global statistic.
  • Many more administration features and configuration options.

Registered Users Features and Benefits

  • The option to require that everyone who wants to post ads needs to be registered first.
  • The option to ask new users to confirm their membership by a link sent by email.
  • New accounts can be activated instantly or an admin can review them first.
  • Admin has the ability to create/search/edit/delete manually membership accounts via web based interface.
  • Registered users can order extra paid options for their classified ads.
  • Admin can see all ads of each individual user.
  • Password reminder for registered users.
  • Automatic email to admin when a new user joined.
  • Owners of modified accounts receive an email which informs them that something has been modified. It allows them to contact you if they did not authorize these changes
  • Users can add ads and categories to their list of favorites.
  • Users can create private notes for ads, categories.
  • Each user receives a public page with all his/her ads listed on it.
  • The option to set that only registered users can add comments, messages to the board.

Classified Ads Features and Benefits

  • Each classified ad may contain these items:
    - Title,
    - Short Description,
    - Long Description (WYSIWYG HTML editor available),
    - URL,
    - Phones,
    - Price,
    - Video from or other similar site,
    - Detailed map by using Google maps,
    - Category,
    - Area,
    - Start/end dates,
    - Images gallery (admin can limit the allowed number of images as well as the allowed image size),
    - Downloadable files (admin can limit the allowed number of files as well the allowed file size),
    - Any number of user defined items with editable names. These extra fields can be set based on categories (for example category Cars needs another fields than category Dating). These extra fields can be specified in different formats, these are "text", "textarea", "select", "radio", "checkbox"
  • Each classified ad can be listed in one or more categories, areas.
  • Admin can specify time period before free ads expire. This can be set for all ads and also for each individual ad separately. Ad owners can pay for a longer listing.
  • Ad owners can pay for extra features. More info below - "Make Money with Gold Classifieds".
  • Ad owners and admin can upload pictures by a web based upload form. The system automatically creates thumbnails.
  • Ad owners and admin can upload any file types by a web based upload form. Admin can set the file formats that are allowed to be uploaded.
  • Ads can be optionally submitted by registered users only.
  • Registered ad owners can edit their ads.
  • Optional automatic email to the ad owner when the ad has been added/approved/rejected.
  • Optional automatic email to the admin when a new ad has been submitted.
  • Optional forced field inclusion on new ad submissions. If a field is missing, the submission is rejected.
  • Each ad has its own real-time statistic.
  • Historical statistic for days/months in the past.
  • Visitors can add their own comments (reviews) to any ad. Comments can be available immediately or after admin's approval.
  • Special categories:
    - Most popular ads,
    - New ads,
    - Most commented ads,
    - Featured ads (ad owners pay for the placement in this category),
    - Galleries (ad owners pay for the placement in this category).
  • Random classified ad feature.
  • Each category may have different:
    - Title,
    - Meta keywords,
    - Meta description,
    - Logo,
    - Or totally unique page design.
  • Default or custom icons associated with:
    - New classified ads,
    - Popular classified ads,
    - Updated classified ads,
    - Featured classified ads.
  • Visitors can send a message to the ad owner by a web form.
  • Total of 3 different search forms: simple, advanced and search form for a category - this form can contain all the extra fields that are valid for the selected category.
  • Powerful database searching capabilities that allow visitors to search for ads by keywords or by numerical range within the Price field.
  • Classified ads in categories and search result can be sorted by Title, Description, Date created, Popularity, Item price.
  • Each classified ad has its own Ad details page. This page contains also all files and images (with thumbnails) associated to the selected ad, list of categories and areas where the ad is listed, other ads of the same owner, links to previous/next ads from the same category and area.
  • Visitors can inform admin that some ad should be reviewed and deleted (Abuse Report).

Make Money with Gold Classifieds

  • Multiple ways to pay for your services. There can be used any online or offline payment service, instant payments are available by and
  • Basic ads are free. Users pay for extra features. You can set a price for each of these features:
    - The option to upload extra images,
    - The option to upload extra files,
    - The option to list the ad for an extra time period (for example you can set that 30 days listing is free, then users pay for additional days, months),
    - Home page placement,
    - Placement on the Featured Ads page,
    - Placement on the Featured Gallery page,
    - Highlighted ads,
    - Bold ads,
    - PayPal "Buy Now" button. If this is ordered, there is a PayPal button directly on your pages. A visitor who wants to purchase the goods offered in the ad can click to this button to make an order.
  • Selected categories may accept only paid commercial classifieds.
  • Many of our users get substantial monthly income by using this feature.

Gold Classifieds Online Demo

Click to the screenshots to visit demo pages.

Gold Classifieds Color Styles

These styles are available by default. You also can customize them and/or create your own styles.

Gold Classifieds Server Requirements

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